MCR Romania

In most locations acoustic reflection panels could be positioned to channel the music to the audience. This is however not desirable in Sala Palatului, for a variety of practical reasons, and as the George Enescu festival only takes up the room for a couple of days every 2 years, a large structural change in the room is not an option. Luckily acoustic treatment can also be achieved by installing an electro-acoustic system. Commissioned by rental company Paradigma, FACE has been the festival’s supplier of a mobile Multi-Channel-reverberation (MCR) system for the past editions. For this specific event a field of 64 MCR speakers was placed across the room’s ceiling, along with 64 Audio Technica AT4022 omni-directional microphones. The audio which is captured by the microphones is processed by Peavey Media Matrix’s “Nion”, and then translated back to it’s corresponding speaker.


Enescu Festival


Montana, Romania

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